Communications & media

With a background in journalism and experience in television, I have a keen sense of how communication shapes opinion. I facilitate persuasive values & frames communications training for social justice organisations and I’m available for strategic comms consults on key campaigns.

Digital leader

I’ve been writing and thinking about the social implications of technologies since long before they were called ‘social media’. Now, I apply that same incisive approach to innovative solutions for democratic advocacy.


Campaigns & conversations

I helped organise my first 100,000-person rally at 17. I’m passionate about citizen-driven civil sector and electoral campaigns. I’ve created campaigns and strategy for NGOs, community orgs, social movements & progressive politics.

Social justice

I’m the founder of intertwine, a justice & equity organisation. I’m a queer, autistic, genderfluid, Jewish social justice advocate backing up evidence-based research with passion and purpose.

  • Comms & Campaign Strategy
  • Intersectional advocacy
  • Project management
  • Passion
  • Tolerance for fascists

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Please contact me on 0402 148 489 or to discuss potential opportunities.