Forget the Rules


Forget the rules web page showing Pony and Lisa on a couch

forget the rules was a world-first web drama for global dilemma. A three-minute episode aired Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Viewers voted for how they wanted the week’s storyline to end between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. The writers wrote the next week’s episodes on Thursday, actors rehearsed Friday, filming was Saturday and post-production was Sunday for Monday’s episode and Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday.

tinderspark (then known as heliotrope) was hired in 2005 for the first season. Staff included project manager (dubbed ‘digital media guru’ on the site credits) rosanne bersten, assistant jack fairchild and web community liaison lauren demarte. Roles included media consultancy; web editing; community building. tinderspark liaised between web design firm Sputnik and the back-end delivery company, and we were personally involved in troubleshooting in the weeks before launch. tinderspark ran weekly competitions on the site, sent material live, operated voting mechanisms and channeled information and statistics between key team members.

Forget the Rules won a 2006 MIPCOM award in Cannes for most innovative new content in a mobile format.


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December 18, 2005

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