As part of the protest against the G20 coming to Melbourne in 2006, I produced a mock package of headache pills (actually musk lollies) and some friends and I dressed in white lab coats with blue lab head coverings and handed these out to people watching the parade/carnival as a way to engage bystanders.

Front of G20 culture jam box. Text reads: Stop G20: Your one-stop treatment for neo-liberal infection.

Back of G20 culture jam box. Text reads: Can't stop shopping? Lost any concern for where your food comes from? Perhaps all your employees are now casuals with no guarantees or decent conditions and you just can't bring yourself to care? Been near the meeting of G20 leaders near the Grand Hyatt? Chances are, you're infected with neo-liberalism. It's not too late though. Although neo-liberalism is extremely dangerous for your health, studies show that all symptoms can be reversed with effort. More information inside.

Inside the box was a paper-thin information leaflet similar to those found in medicine boxes with serious information about the issues around the G20 and a packet of about 50 pink musk sweets. Yum!