guest appearance, http:// program

{1996, abc television}

chair, web advertising conference

{1997, aic}

co-ordinator, “future of the internet” panel

{1997, macromedia user conference}

finalist, best editor, for

{1997, it writers’ awards}

judge, australian internet awards

{1996—2000,  australian internet awards}

selected for “30 most successful women under 30”

{1998, cosmopolitan magazine}

australian delegate, project on electronic commerce

{1999, consumers international}

participant, digital dominance video project

{2000, museum of victoria}

panel guest, aftershock program on cyborgs

(2001, abc television}

judge, aimia awards

{2001, aimia}

scholarship for outstanding achievement

{2003, rmit university}

guest lecturer, “new media and narrative”

{2003, monash university}

guest lecturer, “citizenship and the digital divide”

{2003–2004, rmit university}

honorary fellow

{2004, university of melbourne}

human rights promotion award

{2009, public interest advocacy centre}